A Bittersweet Good Bye

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

We would like to share some news with you. This past week we were informed that Cardinal Sean O’Malley will be ending Bishop Reed’s assignment in Walpole, he has been assigned to the Watertown Collaborative as of September 1. This is a great loss for Walpole but is certainly a great win for Watertown. When Bishop arrived in Walpole it was clear that his top priority was to make our collaborative great and that is exactly what he did. He quickly recognized our past challenges and changed our course by giving us a new collaborative name and paved us a new path; one full of opportunities.

As a Pastor, he celebrated joyous Masses, prayed with our parishioners and mentored the staff. Walpole Catholic will be forever blessed with the many gifts that he leaves us with. We thank him for his gift of Perpetual Adoration. The placement of the tabernacles back to the center of the altar at both of our parishes. This new location allows us to keep Jesus at the center of our worship. Having the baptismal font prominently placed in the center aisle at Blessed Sacrament gives us the gift of remembering our baptismal promise each time we come to Mass.

Bishop Reed’s passion for Catholic TV and innovative media made our collaborative a trailblazer in technology and the Church. After securing a substantial grant, Bishop had state of the art technology installed in both our parishes and it is our promise to him that our monitors will continue to be used as a tool for us to teach and deliver messages both during Mass and in our Faith Formation program for many years to come.

Bishop Reed is a big kid at heart! It wouldn’t be out of the norm for people to find him somersaulting down an aisle or throwing hoops in the gym. His carefree and positive attitude is refreshing, and his leadership and presence are going to be deeply missed at the Blessed Sacrament School when he met with the children in their classrooms, celebrated Mass with them and attended many of their achievement ceremonies.

Due to the pandemic, we are not able to properly celebrate all of Bishop Reed’s gifts and contributions to our Collaborative at a farewell party. Therefore, if you would like to send him a card full of well-wishes you are welcome to do so. You can send cards to either parish office or place it in the offertory basket one of these weekends. We will collect the cards and well wishes and present them to him before his departure. When eth health emergency is lifted, we will joyfully invite Bishop Reed back for a proper party - so please stay tuned.

To Bishop Reed, we thank you for your presence in our lives and we wish you the best with your new assignment. Please know you will always hold a special place in our hearts and you are welcome here any time. We will keep you in our continued prayers. Be well our friend, you will be missed.

God Bless.

Fr. Jean Pierre, Fr. John Healy and the entire staff of the Walpole Catholic Collaborative.