Breaking Bread Outreach

The Walpole Families of Faith (WFOF)  is an ecumenical group of churches in Walpole that includes St. Mary’s, Blessed Sacrament, the United Church, the South Walpole United Methodist, Epiphany Episcopal and the Union Congregational Church of East Walpole.  12 years ago, WFOF started hosting the weekly Breaking Bread dinners in the upstairs of the United Church to provide food and fellowship to any and all community members.  When the pandemic began, Breaking Bread pivoted to weekly take-out dinners provided by the Union Congregational and South Walpole United Methodist churches.  The take out dinners are going to wrap-up at the end of May and Breaking Bread will not be providing dinners over the summer.   WFOF hopes to recruit a core group of volunteers, including a chef and coordinator, from each church with the hopes of re-starting the in-person dinners at the United Church in September.  The time commitment would be 1 or 2 Mondays every 3 months. If you are interested in volunteering to cook or to coordinate a Breaking Bread dinner, or would like more specific information, please contact Maura Hershman at [email protected] or text (617) 966-8058.  Thank you!