Confirmation 2021


We wish to congratulate our 120 Confirmands. Now that these young men and women are fully initiated into our adult faith, we look forward to seeing the many ways in which the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit are manifested in them especially as they prepare to make important life decisions.  They are the future of our faith, and their active participation in Youth Group and other parish ministries will greatly enrich the life of the church. May they walk ever in the Lord, and may His Spirit be with them at all times!

Confirmation 2021

Bishop Robert Reed celebrated five wonderful Confirmation ceremonies – from April 7 to 10 – for this to happen. While attendance was limited by the present social distancing restrictions, it was still quite the sight to see the churches that full.  

Photos of the ceremonies have been compiled in an online gallery >>

High-quality photos can be downloaded for free (without a watermark) by entering "diamond" as password. 
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Sabrina ANNE Abate
Regan BARBARA Ball
Matthew MICHAEL Bianculli
Chloe MONICA Bindon
James MICHAEL Bisceglia
Mary CARINA Blushi
Audrey ELIZABETH Bongette
Emily CECILIA Botelho
Ava CORRINE Boudreau
Richard ANTHONY Brown
William ANTHONY Budka
Neil ANTHONY Cahill
Ryan LEO Canney
Annie ELIZABETH Cantrell
Aidan SEBASTIAN Carmichael
Emma BRIDGET Caulfield
Leah CECILIA Clifford
Kevin PAUL Colleran
Matthew MATTHEW Conlon
Molly ELIZABETH Copponi
Aine MARY Corrigan
Liam JOHN Cotter
Joseph MATTHEW Cox
Caitlin CATHERINE Crowley
Bridget MARY Cummings
Camryn JUDE  Dayaa
Aidan ANTHONY Dever
Bryce IGNATIUS Devine
Mark MARK DiMartino
Peyton MARY Doyle
Michael MICHAEL Esdale
Robert STEPHEN Falvey
Ryan JOSEPH Falvey
Owen JAMES Falvey
Andrew MICHAEL Falzone
Aidan SEBASTIAN Feeney
Rocco FRANCIS Ferzoco
Colleen ELIZABETH Fogarty
Marco ISIDORE Fraone
Christopher JOHN Fuller
James JOHN Gaba
Lauren MARY Garbett
Ryan JOHN Garbett
Molly BRIGID Geoghegan
Megan MARY Gillis
Anthony JAMES Gioioso
Sean WILLIAM Graham
Madeline ELIZABETH Grogan
Nolan CASIMIR Hasenjaeger
Morgan LUCY Head-Saulnier
Riley GEMMA Hegarty
Regan GENEVIEVE Hegarty
Rory MARY Hegarty
Charlotte TERESA Herlihy
Madeline MARIANA Hogarty
Bryan JOSEPH Hope
Catherine ANNE Hurley
Edward FRANCIS Jackson
Lindsey JOAN Jacobs
Abigail CLARE Kearns
Amanda AVA Kearns
Andrew CHRISTOPHER Kuropatkin
Elizabeth BRIGID Lane
Cooper FRANCIS Lawlor
Bradyn FRANCIS Lowre
Charles SEBASTIAN Lyons
Adam CHRISTOPHER Mackenzie
Noah WILLIAM Mackenzie
Christopher MICHAEL Mackenzie Jr.
Luke MICHAEL MacNeil
Allison JOAN Maheux
Molly CATHERINE Mahoney
Brianna CATHERINE Marrero
Nicole THERESA Martin
Anna MARIA Martin
Dana MARY Massey
Dylan PATRICK McCabe
Austin MICHAEL McCarthy
Grace JOAN McCullough
Haley MARIE McDonald
Catherine CLARE McDonnell
Liam JAMES McDonough
Carter JOHN McGrath
Robert IGNATIUS McLaughlin
Sean PATRICK Moriarty
Shannon ANNE Morris
Nicholas MAXIMILIAN Moscatel
Grady JOHN Murphy
Andrew ANDREW Nelson
Molly CECILIA O'Callaghan
Sheila BRIGID O'Connell
Sean ROBERT OBrien
Caroline JACQUELINE Ofgant
Jacob ANTHONY Preto
Kayla ANNE Richard
Lauren JOAN Ringler
Tyler JOSEPH Rocha
Caitlin GEMMA Rocha
Jonathan JOSEPH Rodrigues
Ryan RICHARD Schneider
Ashley GEMMA Sullivan
Camden CECILIA Sullivan
Brady SEBASTIAN Thynne
Erin KATHARINE Uniacke
Caroline DIANA Uniacke
Lucy MARGARET Verderber
Gabrielle CECILIA Vlacich
Alexander ANTHONY Vlacich
Reilly ELIZABETH Walsh
Peter WILLIAM Weiand
Brigid GEORGIA Welch
Michael JOHN Welter
Brian KEVIN White
Ryan NICHOLAS Wohler

photo credit: Dan Busler