Confirmation Outline

Hello Parents,

This year we are taking a more service based approach to Confirmation, during each class your children will partake in a project that will put their faith into action. In order for your children to be properly prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, class attendance is expected each week.  Any student that misses more than two classes (9 classes in total) could be subject to a delay of Confirmation.    Students will meet on Monday evenings, in one lecture style class.

Each week, we will focus on a different topic that will include a video lesson, discussion questions, the weekly project and end with a meditative prayer through music.  Due to the large class size, I am in need of volunteers for each week, volunteers will not be asked to teach, but  are needed to help supervise and keep the kids on course. In the past, I have taught singular Confirmation classes from a book, and I have found the kids to be bored and unimpressed. This year we are trying a different approach to Catechism, and have high hopes of fostering an environment that encourages the students to form a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus and a better understanding of their Catholic Faith.  In the upcoming weeks, I will send out a sign up genius for anyone who is interested in volunteering. Volunteering is not limited to parents, just mature people interested in helping. Please note, all volunteers must be over 18 and will be subject to a Cori check on a date to be determined later. Thank you in advance for your willingness to assist in this Confirmation program, your time and commitment is sincerely  appreciated.

All Confirmation candidates must participate in one of the two retreats we are offering in February. The retreats are will be held in the Blessed Sacrament School, on one of two Saturday mornings. We will provide a bagel and pastry style breakfast, a special presentation from Deacon Rey, time spent in adoration as well as an opportunity for confessions in the chapel, and it will conclude with a special talk and blessing from Bishop Reed.

For those of you who may find conflict with Monday evening as the only option for classes, I am hoping giving this information now allows you enough time to make any necessary arrangements in your schedules, allowing your child’s religious education to be a top priority for the 9 weeks of classes.  I am happy to write a note of excuse for any children with commitments like work or sports that prove difficult to miss. If there are any further concerns, I am happy to talk in more detail at the pizza reception on 11/23 after the Bishop’s mass or you can always email me in the meantime.

Over the next two months, I strongly recommend you encourage your child to think of a sponsor, someone who is a good role model, but also very spirt-filled in faith.  I would also suggest your child take the time to research different saints, and choose one whose story inspires or speaks to them. The more prepared your child can come to this program, the more they will be able to absorb from it.  I truly look forward to working with your children as they navigate their ways to this very special moment in our Catholic Faith.    Listed below, are the dates classes will meet for the upcoming year, following the dates is a suggested list of ways your children could serve until we meet in January. I thank you in advance for your commitment to your child’s faith formation journey.

In Christ,


Bishop Reed Mass

Saturday 11/23/2019 @ 4pm Blessed Sacrament Church

Followed by pizza reception in BSS cafeteria

Q & A with Caitlin

Classes will meet on Mondays 7-8:30 at Saint May’s Parish Hall

Classes will be held:










Confirmation Breakfast Retreat Dates:

Saturday 2/22 9am-1pm


Saturday 2/29 9am-1pm

Confirmation Dates

Friday March 6, 2020

  • 4pm @ Saint Mary’s
  • 7pm @ Saint Mary’s

Saturday March 14, 2020

  • 10:30am @ Blessed Sacrament
  • 1:30 pm @ Blessed Sacrament

Some ideas for Service Opportunities:

  • Help clean up the Blessed Sacrament Choir Loft (immediate need for this)
  • Help out with events around the Parish
  • Eucharistic Adoration (service to God,) and since we now have it perpetually we are in need of people to sign up as substitutes at the hour of your convenience (parents this is a beautiful opportunity to spend time with your child, completed disconnected for an hour)
  • Help with faith formation events with the younger students
  • Pine Street Inn

Please email me if your children are interested in getting involved with any of these avctivities