Covid 19 Protocol

(See Video Below)

The Archdiocese of Boston has provided guidelines as we slowly re-open our churches. We ask that everyone follow these guidelines strictly and be patient as we begin to move forward. 

1. Cardinal O’Malley has dispensed everyone, of our Sunday obligation indefinitely. With this in mind, people in vulnerable populations (over the age of 65), especially the elderly and those who have existing health concerns are encouraged to watch Mass from their homes on the television or internet (CatholicTV).  People who are not able to wear a mask for health reasons should also stay home and partake in the celebration of Mass through CatholicTv and the internet.

2.  Mass Schedule: Blessed Sacrament Parish  4pm Mass on Saturday, and 8am, 9:30am, 11am Mass on Sunday.  St. Mary's 4pm on Saturday and 7:30am, 9am and 11:30am on Sunday. There will be no hospitality until further notice. Churches will open 15 minutes before the scheduled time for Mass. Daily Mass at 9:00 am will be held at St. Mary's Monday-Wednesday and Blessed Sacrament Thursday-Saturday.  St. Mary's will be locked after Daily Mass. Private prayer continues in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

3. Attendees at the Masses will be severely limited due to the need to maintain distancing. Families and those who live together may occupy one bench or row. Single individuals will be distanced from each other by 6 feet. When the churches are “full” based on these seating restrictions, parishioners will be asked to attend another mass.  Attendees will need to reserve a spot each week on our SignUp portal or call the parish offices. Also, it is very important that you please make sure you arrive on time or early for Mass since there is an added step now with signing people in. Thank you.

To reserve a spot for either a  WEEKEND or DAILY Mass or to VOLUNTEER please click:  HERE or call the parish offices (Blessed Sacrament 508-668-4700 x1024 or St. Mary's 508-668-4974) to have your name added to the Mass attendee list. Thank you.

**Updated SignUp's will be available on our website on Monday and will close on Friday at 3pm so that we can prepare for the weekend. Also, people need to register each week for a Mass time slot and due to our space limitation, it is important that you cancel your registration if necessary so the spot can be offered to another parishioner. Thank you.

4. Both churches will utilize one entryway (Main entrance at both BSP & STM – handicap entrance will be available too). Parishioners will be asked to proceed up the center aisle and either sit on the inside pews or continue around to the outside pews. Keeping in mind the 6’ social distance rule. 

5. Missallettes have been removed and there will be no congregational singing, nor will choirs be allowed until further notice.  In weeks ahead, there will be one lector and one Eucharistic Minister when necessary. Mass will not begin with a procession nor will there be an offertory procession. Baskets will be placed at the doors for the offertory collection.  We encourage on-line giving and mail ins. There will be no sign of peace or the holding of hands during the Our Father.

6. All parishioners over the age of 5 are asked to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth during Mass. At Communion time, parishioners are asked to come to communion by the center aisle and return by the side aisle, observing the 6 feet distance markers on the floor. Everyone should leave their seat or bench, even if you do not plan to receive Communion, in order to avoid people having to step over one another. Please fully extend your arm with hands cupped as the priest/Eucharistic Minister drops the host into your hand. Please step to the side, where the floor is marked, lift up the bottom of your mask and place the host in your mouth before returning to your seat. 

7. At the end of Mass, please leave the church immediately by the front side doors but do so, row by row, maintaining the 6-foot distance requirement. Please leave in an orderly fashion and please go directly to your car – there is no gathering allowed.

8. We will continue to adjust these guidelines as needed for the future. 

9. Daily Masses have resumed at 9:00am and will be Monday-Wednesday at St. Mary’s and Thursday - Saturday at Blessed Sacrament.  Sign up HERE for Daily Mass or call St. Mary's 508-668-4974 or Blessed Sacrament 508-668-4700 x1024 to place your name on the attendee list.

10. We are in need of volunteers to help manage the flow of foot traffic, ushering at each Mass and to help clean between Masses.  TO SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER AT A WEEKEND MASS at Blessed Sacrament Click HERE or call the office at (508)667-4700 x1024 or at St. Mary's click HERE  or call 508-668-4974.

11. Only priests and deacons are allowed in the sacristy. 

12. Confessions: Wednesdays 7-8 pm Blessed Sacrament Sanctuary (Saturday 3pm Confessions have been suspended).

13. Parishioners are invited and encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer to Mass.  We will also have hand sanitizer available throughout the church. Also, please dress for the weather when you come to Mass. We will be opening windows and doors throughout the fall and winter to maintain fresh air flow and ventilation.

14. Communion protocol: We will not be distributing the Host on the tongue at this time. 

*In the case of our discovering that someone at Mass tests positive for COVID-19, we want to be able to inform all of you so that, in consultation with your physician, you can take the appropriate steps.

If you registered to come to a Mass, we already have your contact information, and will reach out to you if we learn that someone here has tested positive.

If you did not register, and if you wish to be contacted, please call or email the rectory with the appropriate contact information so that you can receive a notification.

Even if you do not choose to leave your name, please know that we will make any announcement of a positive test on the parish website as well, so please check the website on a regular basis.

Also, If you are not feeling well please stay home and if you find you need to change your weekend plans please cancel your timeslot so that we can offer it to someone else. Thank you.