Faith Formation 2022-2023



Welcome back!  We hope you have enjoyed the summer months and were able to find moments of rest and relaxation with family and friends.  And now it's time to think about registering for Faith Formation!  We have been working hard to create programming designed to help our youth and their families encounter Christ and develop strong, prayer-filled and spiritual lives.

GRADES 1-3     

Children entering grades 1-3 will participate in a family-centered program.  The program will be based on the Children's Bible, Catechism, and basic prayers.  This program will prepare children for First Penance and First Communion while providing ongoing formation for children who have already made those sacraments.

Registration for Grades 1-3 Faith Formation (including Sacramental preparation) is now OPEN!  Please click on the blue button to register.

Contact: Cait Dufault at [email protected]

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GRADES 4-10      

Contact: AnneMarie Dion [email protected]

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Grades 4 & 5
Bridges to Faith
Cost: $125 per youth
Youth entering grades 4&5 will participate in monthly in-person sessions where they will explore our faith
using the Bridges to Faith curriculum by Joe Paprocki. This curriculum is designed to encourage children to learn the basics of our faith while developing a prayerful relationship with God. Bridges to Faith meets our children wherever they are on their faith journey and encourages them to pursue a faith-filled life according to the Four Pillars of Catholicism: faith, liturgy/sacraments, life in Christ, and prayer. (Session dates TBD).

Grades 6 - 8
The Rock
Cost: $125 per youth
This year, our middle school program has been revamped! Middle School students in grades 6-8 will meet
monthly to explore different aspects of our faith: Grade 6 will focus on Prayer and developing a consistent
prayer life by exploring the origins and meanings behind the most common prayers; Grade 7 will focus on the Mass and through the use of Altaration, a curriculum created to engage preteens and teens in the Mystery of the Mass, youth will grow a new appreciation for this Sunday commitment; Grade 8 will focus on the Sacraments, exploring each sacrament in depth in order to understand their importance in the life of the Church.
Sessions run from 6pm – 8pm.
Sundays October 23rd, November 13th, December 11th, January 8th & 22nd, February 5th and March 5th &19th
NOTE: Adult volunteers are needed in order for this program to run! We are looking for at least 2 adult volunteers per grade level to lead sessions. If interested, please indicate on your registration form, or contact AnneMarie Dion ([email protected])

Year One and Year Two
Cost: $150 per youth
A sacramental preparatory program for high school students in grades 9 & 10. This two-year program is designed to re-introduce the key elements of our faith and address the question, “ok, what now?” for those who receive the sacrament of Confirmation. All sessions take place on Sundays (unless indicated) and run from 6pm – 8pm at St Mary’s Parish in East
Year One
Youth in grade 9 who attend a public high school must attend our program for both Year One and Year Two. Youth attending a Catholic high school are exempt from attending in-person sessions but are encouraged to complete the program service requirements and attend the Year One retreat.
Sundays September 18th & 25th, October 2nd & 16th & 30th, November 6th & 20th, December 4th & 18th, January 29th, February 12th, March 12th & 26th, and April 1st (a Saturday full-day retreat).
Year Two
All 10th grade students, whether attending a public or Catholic high school, must attend our in-person sessions to receive the sacrament of Confirmation within our parishes. Due to the nature of the curriculum, students will complete at-home modules and attend 5 in-person session and a full day retreat.
Sundays September 18th, October 16th, November 19th (a Saturday full-day Retreat), December 4th & 18th, January 18th (a Wednesday night Sponsor & Candidate event).

Celebration Dates:
Friday, January 20th at St Mary’s Church at 4pm & 6pm
Saturday, January 21st at Blessed Sacrament Church at 10am & 12pm
NOTE: Please submit a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate along with your registration. If your child was baptized at either St Mary’s or Blessed Sacrament, please indicate on your registration form the place and date. Your child’s date of baptism must be verified BEFORE he or she may receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Click here to view the Calendar for Grades 6-10.

Please note that we do have a Family Plan for $300.

Faith Formation fees should never be a burden, if they are, please let us know and they can be waived.  You can register your child(ren), then choose Other as the payment option.

God Bless!