Faith Formation Message

Hello Parents,

I am writing to let you know with everything going on it has been decided to suspend all formation classes and gatherings until it is deemed safe to resume. We were able to hold our second round of Confirmations today and while we abbreviated the program to be a service only, the candidates shined with radiance as the gifts of the Holy Spirit were poured over them. In a time of such heavy uncertainty and everything around us closing and being postponed, including weekend masses, we must remain faithful. I find it is a wonderful time to be a Catholic, as there is no better defence at the moment then prayer (and handwashing). With our children being home from school for at least a couple of weeks, and with packets sent home of classwork to do, we must remember to make sure we are scheduling time for prayer into our routines as well. The irony is not lost on me that we turned to a mass focused program, with online supplemental going home to do as a family before it became a ‘thing’ as it has been mandated to prevent the spread of this virus. That being said I will still send home supplemental materials for you to review with your children and prayers I find comforting within my own home. We parents must rise up to show our children to have deep faith, stronger than ever, so please be steadfast in your prayer and strive to promote faith over fear. Even though we are prevented from attending mass as a community we should still attend virtually. Catholic TV has launched a website called and will be showing the mass at the click of a link. Please take advantage of this and teach your children how to receive communion spiritually. I am including the video Bishop Reed had planned for this weekend’s mass and a prayer for spiritual communion. For anyone who is craving the real presence of our Lord, our perpetual adoration chapel is still open and welcoming visitors. If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]. And for other updates and information please visit our website at We are in this together, whether quarantined or not, our Lord hears our prayers, so please, after washing your hands bring them together in prayer and let’s spread faith faster than the virus.

God Bless,

Caitlin Benoit