Letter for Florists

We welcome you to our worshiping community. As we are sure you realize, Blessed Sacrament Church and St. Mary's Church are sacred spaces for our faith community. The purpose of church decoration is to enhance the celebration, not to take away from it. The natural beauty of the church is easily recognized. In recent years an effort has been made to restore the church to its original state. All the benches were taken out, stripped down to the wood and refinished. The floor has also been replaced. In an effort to maintain the beauty of the restoration, we have established certain rules that we ask you to follow.

  • Pew bows should be attached to the pew with a plastic clip, ribbon or coated wire. Never use tape of any kind
  • Decorations to doors or walls must be discussed with the priest. No tape or nails are to be used.
  • Decorations to the railings outside must be secured not with tape but with a coated wire, ribbon or plastic clip.
  • During the special liturgical seasons a greater effort is made to decorate the back altar of the sanctuary. At no time are these to be disturbed. Flowers being brought in for a special occasion are to be placed on the stands provided by the church.
  • Blessed Sacrament & St. Mary's are very busy parishes with many liturgical events taking place in a given day. We ask that you call to check what time you can set up for the event.

With thanks for your cooperation.

We hope that these few guidelines will be helpful. They are not meant to make your life more difficult but to establish parameters which are helpful to all concerned.