Pine Street Inn Collection

Pine Street Inn Collection

We will resume collecting monthly for the Pine St. Inn in September. Our service will be in a different capacity than the meal ingredients and dinner serving that we have done for 25 years or so. This will be a more limited, but just as worthwhile an undertaking.

We will collect healthy snack items that will be served to the guests for a week’s worth of lunches.  We are asking you to sign up to bring 10 bars/bags of different snack items from the list below. Each day a different one will be served, which will make the service quicker for the staff. We hope to collect a total of 700 snacks, 100 pre-packaged snacks of 7 types. The staff has requested: Pretzels, Nutri-Grain Bars, Popcorn, Veggie Sticks, Kind Bars, and Trail Mix and Chex Mix (or similar). They are healthier choices than potato chips, etc.  To organize this collection, we are asking that you sign up for your donation.  Please click here to sign up.

Our collections will be once a month on Saturday mornings from 10-11am, at St. Mary Parish Center (205 Washington St., 1st awning, off the parking lot).  And the schedule for the year will be:                 

Sept. 26

Oct. 31

Nov. 28

Dec. 19

If you have any questions, please contact Bill Connors at [email protected]

Thank you!