Requirements for Volunteers

FY23 Cori form

We appreciate each and every one of our faith-filled volunteers who help build a community within our collaborative.  The Walpole Catholic Collaborative is committed to keeping our parishioners, young and old, as safe as possible while they participate in our events and worship time together. Therefore, all of our volunteers are required by the Archdiocese of Boston to fill out a CORI form and have a new one on file each year. Please print off the most recent CORI form (above) and bring it to either the administrator who leads the ministry you are involved with or to the parish office to be verified and sent into the Office of Background Screening at the Archdiocese. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Archdiocese directly through their website  

Code of Ministerial Behavior

All are also required to sign the current Code of Ministerial Behavior which must be on file with the Collaborative Office for each person active in ministry. The form can be found here:


Protecting God's Children

Each person must have attended the prevention and awareness training “Protecting God’s Children” and evidence must be on file with Parish.

You can find the Archdiocese of Boston Policy on the following please click Here

  • Education/Protecting God's Children for Adults
  • Reporting Child Abuse
  • Diocese Offices and Contacts
  • Resources: phone #s & websites

All school and parish volunteers must attend VIRTUS training. If you plan to serve as a volunteer in the school and/or parish this year, please choose to attend one of these VIRTUS sessions.

Sessions will be scheduled throughout the year and typically take place in either the Blessed Sacrament School or the St Mary's Hall. Please check the weekly bulletin and the website for more information. Thank you.