Scheduling a Wedding


We at the Walpole Catholic Collaborative rejoice that you have decided to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony. This life-long commitment of love between man and woman is a sacred and beautiful bond. We are happy to be a part of your wedding and want to help make it a meaningful and memorable Christian celebration.

Your decision to be married in the Church is indeed an important one. In doing so you proclaim to the Christian community and to God your love for one another. Being married in a church is a public celebration. You ask for and are guaranteed the prayers and support of the Christian community. 

To be married in the Church implies you understand marriage is a sacrament, a gift of God’s love, blessing and presence. Because your marriage is a sacrament, you and the parish share the responsibility of sacramental preparation. That is why you participate in a Marriage Preparation Program (Pre-Cana) as well as scheduled meetings with the priest or deacon working with you. We are not going to tell you what your marriage will be like; we will help you prepare for receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony. 

We want your wedding to be beautiful, memorable and meaningful. Don’t hesitate to talk to us about what we can do to make it so. As you rejoice in your love, so do we, and we hope you remember that God rejoices with you. May God bless you in your marriage.

As you prepare for marriage we hope you grow even closer. For this reason we urge you to worship together, regularly, participating in Mass and praying together, asking God to bless you both and keep you free from worry, full of happiness and anticipation before your wedding.


Starting the Arrangements

If you are interested in having your wedding at Blessed Sacrament or St. Mary's Parish call 508-668-4700 to schedule an appointment.

Possible Wedding Times

Our policy is to have a 1-½ hour time slot for each wedding. Scheduling for each event is done on this same basis.  Thus, the times for weddings are preset for Saturdays at 10:00 or 11:00 am, 12:30 pm,  and 5:30 pm. On Sundays, it is typically possible to have a wedding at 2:00 pm. Unfortunately, you may not get the exact time you desire. Please understand that this method is necessary—we speak from experience. You would not want tight scheduling to affect your own celebration.

Marriage Preparation Process

Schedule and Timing

For the rehearsal we ask that you and your wedding party be on time. Don’t forget, there may be other rehearsals, so please be attentive to this detail, as each rehearsal is allotted 45 minutes. Rehearsals are conducted by one of our rehearsal coordinators. A coordinator is also present at the wedding to coordinate/facilitate the details of parents and wedding processional. Please bring your marriage license and all the stipends to the rehearsal.

Regarding the ceremony, again, please, be on time. We often have multiple weddings and/or Masses on the same day and weddings that start late due to the late arrival of the bride can result in the next group arriving before the first is done. You have an hour and a half time slot, which is sufficient time for a wedding if used efficiently. It is not to your advantage to waste your time on being late.


Our Director of Music  is responsible for all music arrangements which will take place inside the church, regardless of musicians. This means that he or she will help you plan your music selections, your musicians and your cantor/soloist. If you choose to bring in a different organist, a bench fee of $400 still must be paid. Please contact the Music Director no later than three months in advance of your wedding. If your wedding is taking place at Blessed Sacrament Church please call Oksana at 508-668-4700 x1010 and if your wedding is taking place at St. Mary's Parish please call Kevin at 508-668-4974 x1029.

Summary of Stipends and Fees

Apart from the church offering, the below stipends and fees go to the individual providing the service for the couple.

  • Priest: Your discretion
  • Organist: $400
  • Cantor: $200
  • Wedding Coordinator: $125
  • Church Offering: $500
  • Administrative Fee: $80
  • Altar Server: $20

Receiving Lines

Receiving lines are not generally permitted at the church because of the limited time window available. You must inform the celebrant if you wish to take photographs after the celebration. Keep in mind that hour and a half time slot into which all activity at the church must fit.

Other Details of the Day

  1. The first meeting will be held to meet with the priest or deacon so as to set up dates in the parish calendar and to get to know each other better. At this meeting, you will have to fill out necessary legal paperwork with the priest or deacon. The Preliminary Interrogatory establishes the fact that you are free to marry in the Catholic Church. If you are Catholic, you will be asked to call the church of your baptism and ask the parish to send a recent copy of your baptismal record to the priest or deacon who is assisting you in your marriage preparations. If you are baptized in another tradition, you will give the priest or deacon a copy of your baptismal record.
    The parish offers the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) program for those who are interested in learning and experiencing more about the Catholic faith. People who come from other faith denominations are invited to join our gatherings. Catholics who were baptized but who did not receive other sacraments are welcome to come and to receive other sacraments. Simply inquire with the priest or deacon for more details. We also ask that you bring with you an "on time" deposit of $150.00 - in the event your wedding starts on time you will receive the deposit back in the mail.
  2. Meet with priest or deacon to discuss marriage preparation program and the sacrament of marriage.
  3. In addition to meeting with the priest or deacon, you will be asked to attend a Marriage Preparation Program (Pre-Cana); these are designed to help you prepare for marriage with the assistance of other married couples. Our parish program is conducted in the fall and spring. To register for the parish program, use the form in your folder; give it, with the fee, to your presider. More information is available about other Pre-Cana programs in the area. You can also go online to the Archdiocese of website to get information about programs throughout the diocese. We expect that you complete the program at least 6 months prior to your wedding.
  4. Meet with priest or deacon officiating at your wedding to discuss the ceremony itself. We have literature to help you in making choices.
  5. You are responsible for contacting a florist who will provide floral arrangements for the church during your wedding. If there is more than one wedding on your date, you might want to share expenses with the other couple. It may also be helpful when selecting flowers to keep in mind the seasonal decorations in the sanctuary. You will be given a letter stating Blessed Sacrament’s & St. Mary's policy regarding floral arrangements in the church.
  6. Unity Candles or Unity Sand are not permitted as part of the ceremony at Blessed Sacrament or St. Mary's.
  7. Your photographer or videographer must abide by the rules established for the appropriate celebration of your wedding. Do not let them assume they know the ground rules. You will receive guidelines to pass on to your photographer and videographer. Please be sure they receive this letter.
  8. Please do not throw confetti, rice, bird seed, Silly String or flower petals. Tell your guests if these are used outside the church the ushers will be asked to clean it up thoroughly.
  9. Aisle runners are not permitted. They are a danger to your guests and to you.
  10.  If you want to invite the priest/deacon to your reception, please do so by sending an invitation to him.