St. Francis Cemetery


St. Francis Cemetery, located on Washington Street, offers a variety of traditional Catholic burial options for those looking to bury a deceased loved one in Walpole. Please click the links below for more information.

Cemetery Map

Columbarium Niche

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The Columbarium at St. Francis Cemetery is a wall, with niches that store cremation urns. It is a sacred final resting place and should be treated with the same respect.

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Deed, Lot & Genealogical Information Requests

Upon receipt of completed form and payment, requests are processed within 3-4 business days.  Please click link below for more information and payment instructions for information on:

  • Genealogical/Deed Information Requests
  • Replacement Deed Request
  • Lot Information Request

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Burial Forms

Authorization for Interment

Plot Purchase


Fee Schedule

These fees are in addition to funeral home costs and are payable through your funeral home of choice. Right of Interment: Single Grave: This is the purchase of the burial plot. Owning interment rights means you have the right to be buried in that place or designate the burial of someone else in that place.

Plot Purchase Price: $1500.00 per grave (Burial plots consists of : 1 Earth Burial and 1 Cremains OR 2 Cremains) Note: All Winter burials are at the discretion of the Superintendent. Prices are based on up to1 foot of snow on the ground. Winter burials will be top soiled and seeded when weather permits. In event of extreme weather the cemetery may be closed and additional fees may apply.

The prices listed below are in ADDITION to the grave price and are seasonal

Opening & Closing Grave: Must purchase burial vault from Funeral Home or Vault Company. This includes the digging and filling of the grave. Prices: April 1-November 30(Monday –Friday): $1300 per grave December 1-March 31: (Monday-Friday): $1600 per grave April 1-November 30 (Saturday/Holiday): $1600 per grave December 1 - March 31:(Saturday/Holiday): $1900 per grave

Cremation: With No Prior Burials in Vault Present:  Must purchase cremains vault from Funeral Home or Vault Company. Prices: April 1-November 30 (Monday –Friday): $900 December 1-March 31: (Monday-Friday):$1050 April 1-November 30 (Saturday/Holiday): $1100 December 1 - March 31:(Saturday/Holiday): $1400

Cremation: Opening Only –Prior Vault Purchased: Prices: April 1-November 30 (Monday –Friday): $750 December 1-March 31: (Monday-Friday):$1050 April 1-November 30 (Saturday/Holiday): $950 December 1 - March 31:(Saturday/Holiday): $1150

Monument Company Fees: These fees are in addition to monument company costs and are payable through your monument company of choice.Footing Installation Fee: Price: $375 up to 3ft paid through monument company of choice. Additional 6” $75/ft. Flat Marker Installation Fee: $150 per marker paid through monument company of choice (including Veteran’s Markers)

Special Pour Rate: $350 per pour. Footings and markers are installed 3 times yearly. Spring, Summer and Fall. Special pour may be requested for additional fee.

Research Fees: Made Payable to St. Francis Cemetery. Request Forms located on website. Information Requests:Including all genealogical, replacement deeds and all lot information requests: $75per plot*If more than 3 hours required additional $25/hour per plot/deed will be billed.

Plot Purchase


St. Francis Cemetery Visitor Rules

Visitors within the cemetery shall only use avenues and roads laid out by the Cemetery Authority and only those portions of the lawn necessary to gain immediate access to the lot visited. Strangers are not permitted to sit or lounge on any of the grounds, graves or monuments in the cemetery, or in any of the buildings. Trespassers –Only the lot holder and his relatives or friends shall be permitted on the Cemetery lot. Any other person thereon shall be considered a trespasser. Children are not permitted within the Cemetery unless accompanied by an adult. Animals are not allowed in the Cemetery.  Lawns shall not be disturbed for any purpose except upon the express written permission of the Cemetery Authority. Conduct in Cemetery. Idling, loafing or any boisterous demonstrations within the Cemetery is prohibited. Trash and Rubbish –throwing of trash and rubbish on roads, driveways, paths, walks on any part of the grounds or in the buildings is prohibited. Receptacles for waste material are located at convenient places. Picnicking –Picnicking or partaking of any refreshment within the Cemetery is prohibited.  Flowers and Shrubs – No one shall pluck any flower or break any branches, remove, injure or cut any tree without permission from the lot owner or Cemetery Superintendent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is St. Francis Cemetery? St. Francis Cemetery is located on Washington Street in South Walpole.

Who can be buried in St. Francis Cemetery? St. Francis Cemetery has a long tradition of dedicated service to the Catholic community who reside in Walpole including spouses of different traditions, children, parents and other relatives. Non-residents with a direct paternal or maternal link to St. Francis Cemetery may be allowed to be interred. Please contact the Parish House for more information.

Do I have to be a Parishioner of Blessed Sacrament Church? No, you do not need to be a member of the parish to be interred at St. Francis Cemetery.

If I’m divorced and remarried can I be buried at St. Francis Cemetery? Yes, St. Francis inters people who have been divorced and remarried, also people of different traditions, victims of suicide and the unborn. For more information please contact the Pastor.

Can I buy burial space before my family actually needs it? Graves are available in time of need and cannot be purchased in advance.Graves may be purchased through your funeral home of choice. 4 Plot Maximum

What does it cost to be buried in St. Francis Cemetery? Please see our St. Francis Cemetery Fee Schedule.

How do I pay for my burial arrangements? Payments are made through your funeral home and monument company of choice.

What kind of headstone may I purchase? For specific information please see our St. Francis Cemetery Rules & Regulations Page.

Is there any chance my grave will be re-sold after many years? No, the deed purchaser has exclusive and permanent right of use. This right passes to direct blood heirs immediately after the death of the recorded owner although the spouse has the first right of burial. This applies to all graves in the cemetery.

I think my deceased relative may have additional plots at St. Francis Cemetery – how do I find this information? Please see above "Deed, Lot & Genealogical Information Requests" section for the link to the information form.

I purchased a plot at St. Francis Cemetery and lost my deed. What do I do? Please see above "Deed, Lot & Genealogical Information Requests" section for the link to the information form.

I bought a grave and am moving, what do I do? Unused graves may be sold back to St. Francis Cemetery at your purchase price. Graves may not be sold by deed holder to another party and are not transferable.

Please note: Monuments may need to be changed or moved in accordance with the Cemetery rules at a cost to the deed holder.

Cemetery Foundation Rules

Monuments are purchased through your monument company of choice Footings for your monument in St. Francis are paid for through your monument company. For footing prices, please see fee schedule. Monuments and markers are subject to the approval of St. Francis Cemetery. All new monuments including base shall not exceed: 3 ft. High - Single Grave: 2’6” x 1’ - Double Grave: 3’0 x 1’ - Every Grave after that is 6”. Foundation and base stone shall not be more than 6” greater in size than the monument erected above. Only one monument will be allowed on a lot as defined by deed. All construction of foundations must be done by St. Francis Cemetery. All work of setting and handling of monuments will bed done by the monument company under the supervision of the Superintendent of St. Francis Cemetery.  Monuments or markers must be approved by Superintendent of the Cemetery upon ordering or lettering. Payment for foundations must be made before monument is set. Advertisements of any kind are not allowed.

Cemetery Planting Rules:

No Planting of shrubs or bushes. No Shepherd Hooks. Flowers & objects must be in front of stone only. Not to exceed 12” out in front of stone. No grave & flower bed enclosures of any kind (i.e. fencing, rocks, plastic edging, etc.) Flower beds must contain peat moss and bark mulch only. No rocks or large bark chips, No Rubber Mulch. Trash Barrels are for trash only. No grass clippings, rocks, dirt, grass & dirt from edging of beds, etc.